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Homemade display shelf for some of my baby ponies :) Yes, we’re talking wood, sawing, glue, hammer and nails and white paint. Very happy with the result!

From top left:
Baby Sundance (Beddy-Bye-Eye) and Baby Heart Throb (Beddy-Bye-Eye)
Second row:
Beach Comber (Pretty n’ Pearly Baby Sea Pony), Tiny Bubbles (Baby Sea Pony) and Water Lily (Pretty n’ Pearly Baby Sea Pony)
Third row:
Baby Tiddley-Winks and Baby Cuddles (playset ponies) and Nibbles and Dibbles (Newborn Twin Ponies)
Bottom row:
Baby Pearly (Fancy Mermaid), Baby Sweet Steps (Baby Ballerina) and Baby Lofty (Beddy-Bye-Eye)


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Too cute! ♥

From left to right:

Name: Beach Comber
Type: Pretty n’ Pearly Baby Sea Pony
Year: Year 4 (1985-1986)
Pose: Tiny Bubbles Pose (1984)
Color: Light blue pearly/glossy body, pinkish-purple eyes, blue hair
Symbol: Blue fin markings

Beach Comber came with a pink and mint green alligator float.

Name: Tiny Bubbles
Type: Baby Sea Pony
Year: Year 3 (1984-1985)
Pose: Tiny Bubbles Pose (1984)
Color: Light blue body, blue eyes, yellow hair
Symbol: Yellow fin markings

Tiny Bubbles came with a yellow and orange duck float.

Name: Water Lily
Type: Pretty n’ Pearly Baby Sea Pony
Year: Year 4 (1985-1986)
Pose: Water Lily Pose (1985)
Color: Pink pearly/glossy body, purple eyes, aqua hair
Symbol: Aqua fin markings

Water Lily came with a light purple and aqua frog float.

Source: Ponyland Press

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Name: Baby Splashes
Type: Baby Fancy Pants Pony
Year: Year 7 (1988-1989)
Pose: Baby Fifi Pose (1986)
Color: Yellow body, pink eyes, lavender hair.
Symbol: White diaper with blue and dark pink ducks

Source: Ponyland Press


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Baby Lofty, Mint in Package! ♥

Name: Baby Lofty
Type: Beddy-Bye-Eye Baby Pony
Year: Year 4 (1985-1986)
Pose: Beddy-Bye-Eye Pegasus Pose (1985)
Color: Pale yellow body, lavender beddy-bye eyes, yellow hair.
Symbol: Pink hot-air balloon

Source: Ponyland Press

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Newest addition to my collection; Baby Pearly! I’ve been wanting a Fancy Mermaid Pony for a long time now, and I finally got one. So cute!

Name: Baby Pearly
Type: Fancy Mermaid Pony
Year: Year 10 (1991-1992)
Pose: Fancy Mermaid Pose (1991)
Color: Pink body, pearlized tail, lavender eyes and dark pink hair.
Symbol: Blue whale surfacing in water

Source: Ponyland Press

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These sweeties joined my collection today! I simply love the accessories (although two bottles are missing)!

Names: Milkweed and Tumbleweed
Type: Newborn twin (earth) ponies
Year: Year 5 (1986-1987)
Pose: Milkweed is in the Dangles Pose (1986), Tumbleweed is in the Shaggy Pose (1986)
Color: Yellow body, blue eyes and light pink hair
Symbol: Light pink and blue rocking horse

Source: Ponyland Press

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Nibbles: What do you want for Christmas, Dibbles?
Dibbles: Well.. I can’t find my rattle anywhere :( I think it’s lost for ever. I want a new rattle for Christmas.
Nibbles: Me too.

Baby Sweet Steps: Well I want another trophy. I just wanna dance all day long!

Tiny Tabby: I want a new comb, and a teddy bear, and a super soft bed that I can jump on, and I want.. SNOW! Do you think it will snow yet? And I want candy! Can I have candy?

Tiny Tabby: And I want shoes in all the colors in the world. Look at my new shoes, do you like them?

Nibbles: Those are not your shoes, silly. They’re too big for you!

Tiny Tabby: Let’s play dress up, Nibbles!
Nibbles: Pink shoes! I am a princess! You can call me Princess Nibbles from now on.

Dibbles: Hello! I’m a… what am I??
Tiny Tabby: You are cool!
Nibbles: Very cool, Dibbles.

Baby Sweet Steps: Check this out! I think I could get used to this.
Tiny Tabby: It’s perfect. It’s very you.

Pink blanket: Woooohh!!! I’m a ghost!!!

*Everybody screaming*

Baby Bouncy: Hey, it’s just me!

Dibbles: Bouncy! You scared us! How did you get in here!
Baby Bouncy: Sorry, I thought it would be funny.
Baby Sweet Steps: I though it was funny.
Nibbles: It was NOT funny! You scared me.
Tiny Tabby: I wanna be a pink ghost next time!

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