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My very first MOC (mint on card), I’m very excited :)

Name: Whizzer
Type: Twinkle-Eyed Pony
Year: Year 4 (1985-1986)
Pose: Paradise Pose (1985)
Color: Pink body, iridescent blue eyes, purple, blue, green and aqua hair.
Symbol: Five pink propeller beanies with purple fans and stripes

Source: Ponyland Press


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Custom pony

I got one of my best friends’ baby girl a custom made pony, from my heart to her ♥. Original first generation pony, my favorite pose (bow-tie), purple with lighter gradients, curly heartthrob hair, blue eyes and her name on the DS side and her birth date on the NDS side. Made after my wishes by brilliant Isabella/customsbypandabear. Isn’t she gorgeous!

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Newest member in my collection: Flatfoot Minty from 1982, she came today. I have already given a presentation of Collector Minty, you can read about her here. What is the difference between Minty year 1 and Minty year 2?

Flatfoot ponies were the first My Little Ponies, printed in Year 1 (1982): Minty, Cotton Candy, Snuzzle, Blossom, Butterscotch and Blue Belle. They are called flatfoot ponies because the underside of their hooves are flat, while any other pony printed later than 1982 have concave hooves. The Flatfoot Pose was never used again in its original form.

All six ponies in the Flatfoot set were reprinted the following year in the Collector pose. These ponies are called Collector ponies, and are very similar to the Flatfoot ponies. They have the same names, symbols, colors and accessories, but they are slightly bigger, have longer front legs and concave hooves, and their head is held a little higher.

Flatfoot Minty

Flatfoot Minty (year 1) vs. Collector Minty (year 2). You can see Collector Minty has longer front legs and that Flatfoot Minty’s feet are closer together. Also you can see Collector Minty has her head held a little higher.

Flatfoot Minty (year 1) vs. Collector Minty (year 2)

Flatfoot Minty’s hooves.

Flatfoot Minty (year 1) vs. Collector Minty (year 2). Flat hooves vs. concave hooves.

Minty came with a basic combe and a ribbon.

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Name: Banana Surprise
Type: Earth pony / Sundae Best Pony
Year: Year 6 (1987-1988)
Pose: Bow-Tie Pose (1987)
Color: Pink body, aqua hair, purple eyes
Symbol: A three-dimensional banana split

The Sundae Best Ponies were the first scented My Little Ponies. Banana Surprise has a light scent of banana and strawberry. Mine has no scent other than the typical sweet scent of My Little Pony, it smells good :) She has been taking good care of.

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For my birthday last week, I got some ponies from a friend, ponies that she had as a little girl. They were in quite bad shape, but it meant a lot to me that I got them from her.

One of them were Daddy Apple Delight. I gave him a good wash, but I didn’t have a toothbrush to get rid of all the stains, so I’ll try to gently remove them later. But still, there’s a big change, and I look forward to clean the other ponies as well.

The tip of his tail is quite frizzy, even after I used conditioner. I’ve heard about different techniques such as hot iron, hairstraightener and boiling water, but I have never tried any of them, I’m afraid I’ll harm the hair. If anyone has experience with this, I appreciate any hints and tips :)

Name: Daddy Apple Delight
Type: Male earth pony/Loving Family Pony
Year: Year 7 (1988-1989)
Pose: Quarterback Pose (1987)
Color: White body, yellow hair and lavender eyes
Symbol: Green trees with yellow trunks, and yellow dots in groups of four

Daddy Apple Delight is part of the Apple Delight Family, and came with Mommy Apple Delight and Baby Apple Delight. The Loving Family Ponies came in family sets which consisted of a mommy pony, a daddy pony, and a baby pony (in the UK, each Loving Family pony was sold separately).

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Remember Seashell? She was born in 1983, and she came all the way from US to join my collection. She had a lot of stains and marks on her, she reeeeally needed a good wash! Were the stains even possible to remove? Now, try to keep this image in mind, and let’s get started :)

Ooh, do do do do do do do  Car wash, car wash ♫ Ooh, do do do do do do do ♫ Car wash, car wash ♫ Working at the car wash, ohhh, yeah ♫ At the car wash, yeah, come on work, baby work it, say now ♫ At the car wash, ahh ♫ Working at the car wash, yeah ♫

Cleaning Seashell with a sponge and shampoo – both hair and body. She will also need  a round of conditioner in her hair to make it smooth and shiny :)

Using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste may help to remove stains and marks. Be careful around eyes and symbols!

Why, look at that, matching toothbrush and comb! What a coincidence. All clean and combed now! :)

Aahh.. Drying off and cuddling up in a clean towel :)

Hold on! *drumbeat*
Take a look at Seashell – as good as new!

Shiny hair as well :)

What do you think? :)

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Name: Baby Blossom
 Baby Pony
Year: Year 3 (1984-1985)
Pose: Baby Blossom Pose (1984)
Color: Lavender body, purple eyes and white hair
Symbol: Three white flowers, three white freckles on her nose

Baby Blossom came with a blue rocker, a bib, a pink necklace, a bottle, a bear brush, a scented sticker and a ribbon. Baby Blossom was later released as a Pearlized Baby Pony. Baby Blossom’s mother is Blossom.

Name: Blossom
Type: Flatfoot & Collector Pony
Year: Year 2 (1983-1984)
Pose: Collector pose (1982)
Color: Lavender body, lavender hair and purple eyes
Symbol: Eleven white flowers

Blossom is one of six ponies from year 1. These ponies were originally printed in the Flatfoot pose (which was never used again in its original form) where the undersides of their hooves are flat. All of the six ponies in the Flatfoot set were reprinted the following year in the Collector pose, which is similar to the Flatfoot pose but has concave hooves, longer front legs, and the head held a little higher.

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