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Say hello to Flutterbye! :)

Name: Flutterbye.
Type: Rainbow Pony (pegasus).
Year: Year 3 (1984-1985).
Pose: Surprise Pose (1984).
Color: Peach-colored body, purple eyes and rainbow colored hair: peach, pink, aqua and neon yellow.
Symbol: Four glittery magenta butterflies.

Source: ponylandpress.com

This is Flutterbye after being washed, (gently) scrubbed and her hair washed with shampoo and conditioner. Her tail is still a frizzy mess, and so is the front part of her mane. I decided to try the “boiling water method” for the first time, dipping her mane in boiling water and then comb flat. It helped a little, but not enough, so I decided to use a hair straightener on low heat. This worked well!

Left her over night with her hair twisted around her legs and neck for a nice shape. And voilà! Perfect ♥

Silky hair! :)


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Name: North Star
Type: So Soft Pony
Year: Year 4 (1985-1986)
Pose: Lofty Pose (1985)
Color: Pink body, lavender hair and blue eyes
Symbol: A purple and blue compass and a star (closer look here (mylittlewiki))

North Star is my first So Soft Pony, welcome to my collection :) So Soft Ponies have a fuzzy, colored flocking that covers their bodies. North Star was also released as a non-So-Soft pony.

northstarlight(Just me playing with light :) )

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Long tail

Name: Braided Beauty
Type: Pegasus pony
Year: Year 6 (1987-1988)
Pose: Lofty Pose (1985)
Color: Aqua-green body, green, pink, yellow and white hair, purple eyes
Symbol: A pink braid with white hair tie

Brush n’ Grow Ponies have longer hair than other My Little Ponies. By giving the pony’s head clockwise half-turns, her long tail gets drawn back into her body (short tail), and by pulling the tail, you can draw it back out (long tail).

Short tail

Long tail // Symbol

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Name: Baby Bouncy
Type: First Tooth Pegasus Baby Pony
Year: Year 5 (1986-1987)
Pose: Baby Bouncy Pose (1987)
Color: Yellow body, blue hair and blue eyes
Symbol: A blue, pink and yellow striped beach ball

Baby Bouncy is a First Tooth Baby Pony, isn’t she cute? :) These ponies were printed between 1986 and 1987. No other First Tooth sets were ever printed, but the poses from this set were still used. Baby Bouncy came with a duck comb, a ribbon, a training cup, party pants, a toothpaste tube, an toothbrush and a xylophone and hammer.

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Name: Baby Heart Throb
Type: Beddy-Bye-Eye Pegasus Baby Pony
Year: Year 4 (1985-1986)
Pose: Beddy-Bye-Eye Pegasus Pose (1986)
Color: Pink body, dark pink hair, blue beddy-bye eyes and dark pink eyeshadow
Symbol: Three dark pink hearts

Beddy-Bye-Eye Baby Ponies are from the second set of baby My Little Ponies. Their eyes are made like baby-doll eyes, and close when the pony is lying down. Baby Heart Throb’s mother is Heart Throb (previously introduced here), either Pegasus Pony Heart Throb or So Soft Heart Throb. Baby Heart Throb was also released in Europe as a non-Beddy-Bye-Eye baby pony. She came with a play pen, a blanket, a bib, a large bottle with colored trim, a duck comb, a ribbon, and a scented sticker.

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Name: Princess Tiffany
Type: Pegasus Pony
Year: Year 5 (1986-1987)
Pose: Locket pose (1987)
Color: White body, blue eyes, white hair and silver tinsel. Slightly pink cheeks
Symbol: Tear-drop-shaped medallion with six orange jewels around an aqua jewel

The first set of Princess Ponies had jeweled medallion symbols and strands of colored metallic tinsel in their hair. Three more sets of Princess Ponies were later released (year 6, 7 and 9). Princess Tiffany came with Friendly, a blue and lavender crown, a glittery blue wand, a glittery blue star pick, a ribbon, and a lavender princess hat.

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Name: Sky Dancer
Type: Rainbow Pegasus Pony
Year: Year 2 (1983-1984)
Pose: Firefly pose (1983)
Color: Yellow body, pink eyes and rainbow colored hair: pink, yellow, sea-green and blue
Symbol: Seven glittery green flying birds

Rainbow Ponies were named because of their rainbow colored hair, and all of these ponies have glittery symbols. Each of the rainbow ponies came with a brochure, a brush with a rainbow sticker on it, a comb, a ribbon, and a scented sticker.

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