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Star Hopper
Type: Sparkle Unicorn Pony
Year: 1989 (year 7)
Pose: Powder pose
Color: Sparkly green body, pinkish-purple eyes, yellow hair with metallic tinsel/white hair with gold tinsel and pink cheeks
Symbol: Pinkish-purple and green spaceship

Star Hopper is a Unicorn Sparkle Pony. The Sparkle Ponies have their bodies full of glitter, and their hair sparkles. The Sparkle Ponies were originally only available through mail-order offers, but were later also sold in stores. The store version of Star Hopper has yellow hair with metallic tinsel and no symbol on her cheeks, while mail order Star Hopper has white hair with gold tinsel, and pink cheeks. As you can see, I have the mail order version.


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