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These sweeties joined my collection today! I simply love the accessories (although two bottles are missing)!

Names: Milkweed and Tumbleweed
Type: Newborn twin (earth) ponies
Year: Year 5 (1986-1987)
Pose: Milkweed is in the Dangles Pose (1986), Tumbleweed is in the Shaggy Pose (1986)
Color: Yellow body, blue eyes and light pink hair
Symbol: Light pink and blue rocking horse

Source: Ponyland Press


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Name: Salty.
Type: Big Brother.
Year: Year 5 (1986-1987). Re-released in Year 6.
Pose: Tex Pose (1986).
Color: Dark blue body, lavender hair with a pink strip, yellow eyes.
Symbol: A pink and white ship and three white waves. He came with a green bandana and a white sailor hat.

The Big Brother ponies are larger than other ponies, and they have shaggy hooves. They were introduced in Year 5, and were the first male My Little Ponies. They are all earth ponies. Each Big Brother pony has two colors in his mane and one in his tail, like early unicorn ponies had. Source: http://www.ponylandpress.com

My Salty is missing his hat.

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Name: Baby Bouncy
Type: First Tooth Pegasus Baby Pony
Year: Year 5 (1986-1987)
Pose: Baby Bouncy Pose (1987)
Color: Yellow body, blue hair and blue eyes
Symbol: A blue, pink and yellow striped beach ball

Baby Bouncy is a First Tooth Baby Pony, isn’t she cute? :) These ponies were printed between 1986 and 1987. No other First Tooth sets were ever printed, but the poses from this set were still used. Baby Bouncy came with a duck comb, a ribbon, a training cup, party pants, a toothpaste tube, an toothbrush and a xylophone and hammer.

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Name: Princess Tiffany
Type: Pegasus Pony
Year: Year 5 (1986-1987)
Pose: Locket pose (1987)
Color: White body, blue eyes, white hair and silver tinsel. Slightly pink cheeks
Symbol: Tear-drop-shaped medallion with six orange jewels around an aqua jewel

The first set of Princess Ponies had jeweled medallion symbols and strands of colored metallic tinsel in their hair. Three more sets of Princess Ponies were later released (year 6, 7 and 9). Princess Tiffany came with Friendly, a blue and lavender crown, a glittery blue wand, a glittery blue star pick, a ribbon, and a lavender princess hat.

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Zig Zag

Name: Zig Zag
Type: Pony Friend
Year: Year 5 (1986-1987)
Pose: Zig Zag pose (1987)
Color: Pink body, blue eyes and pink hair
Symbol: Mint green zebra stripes

The Pony Friends were the first My Little Ponies which were not ponies, but other kinds of animals. Zig Zag is a zebra, and she came with a mint green butterfly brush and a ribbon.

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Say hello to Locket, a beautiful twinkle-eyed pegasus pony from 1987 (I will give a closer presentation later). There’s a looot of hair in this picture, isn’t it? Lots of beautiful hair, but perhaps a little messy? I thought she deserved to get her hair fixed, a little hair makeover. I must also say that I have never ever tried to fix curly hair before, so you could say it was an experiment for me as well ;) Let’s see how she turned out.

Shampoo and conditioner. She was pretty neat in the first place, so she didn’t need a thoroughly body wash like Seashell (as we saw yesterday), but conditioner is a must when the hair feels more like one whole tangle!

Aaww, there you are, Locket! Could hardly see you under all that messy hair!

Drying off in a clean towel. Notice her iridescent eyes! ♥

Okay! How to make curly hair? I cut some straws in smaller pieces and wrapped strips of hair around them, beginning at the end of the hair, and spiraling up the straw, and left them in overnight. I was excited to see how her curls turned out, like I said, I had never done this before, so I had no idea.

Oh, boy.. Those are some pretty bad ass ringlets!! Tryin’ to look like Elvis or something, there? Naah, just kidding, Locket. Let’s use a brush and try to smooth them a little.

Wow, Locket! You look beautiful!! Doesn’t she?! :D

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Bright Eyes
Type: Twinkle-Eyed Earth Pony
Year: 1987 (year 5)
Pose: Crumpet pose
Color: Ashy-blue body, iridescent pink eyes, striped white, light yellow, orange-red, and red hair
Symbol: Red and white alarm clock

Bright Eyes is a Twinkle-Eyed Earth Pony. These ponies have colored plastic jewels in their eyes and four different colors in their hair. The first set was printed in year 4, and the second set was printed in year 5.

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