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Name: Salty.
Type: Big Brother.
Year: Year 5 (1986-1987). Re-released in Year 6.
Pose: Tex Pose (1986).
Color: Dark blue body, lavender hair with a pink strip, yellow eyes.
Symbol: A pink and white ship and three white waves. He came with a green bandana and a white sailor hat.

The Big Brother ponies are larger than other ponies, and they have shaggy hooves. They were introduced in Year 5, and were the first male My Little Ponies. They are all earth ponies. Each Big Brother pony has two colors in his mane and one in his tail, like early unicorn ponies had. Source: http://www.ponylandpress.com

My Salty is missing his hat.


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Name: Banana Surprise
Type: Earth pony / Sundae Best Pony
Year: Year 6 (1987-1988)
Pose: Bow-Tie Pose (1987)
Color: Pink body, aqua hair, purple eyes
Symbol: A three-dimensional banana split

The Sundae Best Ponies were the first scented My Little Ponies. Banana Surprise has a light scent of banana and strawberry. Mine has no scent other than the typical sweet scent of My Little Pony, it smells good :) She has been taking good care of.

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Long tail

Name: Braided Beauty
Type: Pegasus pony
Year: Year 6 (1987-1988)
Pose: Lofty Pose (1985)
Color: Aqua-green body, green, pink, yellow and white hair, purple eyes
Symbol: A pink braid with white hair tie

Brush n’ Grow Ponies have longer hair than other My Little Ponies. By giving the pony’s head clockwise half-turns, her long tail gets drawn back into her body (short tail), and by pulling the tail, you can draw it back out (long tail).

Short tail

Long tail // Symbol

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