These sweeties joined my collection today! I simply love the accessories (although two bottles are missing)!

Names: Milkweed and Tumbleweed
Type: Newborn twin (earth) ponies
Year: Year 5 (1986-1987)
Pose: Milkweed is in the Dangles Pose (1986), Tumbleweed is in the Shaggy Pose (1986)
Color: Yellow body, blue eyes and light pink hair
Symbol: Light pink and blue rocking horse

Source: Ponyland Press


Made a cute wall banner. Missing a wall shelf to make it symmetric. The rest of my collection is on the other wall :)

Say hello to Flutterbye! :)

Name: Flutterbye.
Type: Rainbow Pony (pegasus).
Year: Year 3 (1984-1985).
Pose: Surprise Pose (1984).
Color: Peach-colored body, purple eyes and rainbow colored hair: peach, pink, aqua and neon yellow.
Symbol: Four glittery magenta butterflies.

Source: ponylandpress.com

This is Flutterbye after being washed, (gently) scrubbed and her hair washed with shampoo and conditioner. Her tail is still a frizzy mess, and so is the front part of her mane. I decided to try the “boiling water method” for the first time, dipping her mane in boiling water and then comb flat. It helped a little, but not enough, so I decided to use a hair straightener on low heat. This worked well!

Left her over night with her hair twisted around her legs and neck for a nice shape. And voilà! Perfect ♥

Silky hair! :)


Name: Salty.
Type: Big Brother.
Year: Year 5 (1986-1987). Re-released in Year 6.
Pose: Tex Pose (1986).
Color: Dark blue body, lavender hair with a pink strip, yellow eyes.
Symbol: A pink and white ship and three white waves. He came with a green bandana and a white sailor hat.

The Big Brother ponies are larger than other ponies, and they have shaggy hooves. They were introduced in Year 5, and were the first male My Little Ponies. They are all earth ponies. Each Big Brother pony has two colors in his mane and one in his tail, like early unicorn ponies had. Source: http://www.ponylandpress.com

My Salty is missing his hat.

Came across some My Little Pony stuff in London! A cute sweater, mug and Rainbow Dash plush travelled back home to Norway with me.

Not MLP, but still supercute! Dress from Hell Bunny.

I got one of my best friends’ baby girl a custom made pony, from my heart to her ♥. Original first generation pony, my favorite pose (bow-tie), purple with lighter gradients, curly heartthrob hair, blue eyes and her name on the DS side and her birth date on the NDS side. Made after my wishes by brilliant Isabella/customsbypandabear. Isn’t she gorgeous!

Love my new sweater :)